Monday, August 23, 2010

Krishnan calling Krishnan

Yeah, I'm getting phone calls call me from myself and it helping me to solve my daily problems. laughing... just joking... actually few minutes before finished Karthik Calling Karthik on Rosebowl. Its amazing and fully exited movie. Its a psychological thriller story which explains about our subconscious level of mind which gather information from our experiences in which we had not put much more attentions in our day-to-day life. This story taught me even we do not pay attention on something it will get into our mind and later or on that time it will affects us and our activities. We may perform some natural actions without knowing we are doing it surprise . Sometime some thing may happen with us and we may think that “Hey, I think this had been happened to me before.” and soon we find that we had an nightdream about that situation. Then we conclude that dream as a future prediction and is happening right now. Actually, that situation has already happened before in our life and that was stored in our subconscious mind and this may we would dream in sleeping. And when we face it again, we feel like that dream is coming true. Unsure A dream, what we see in sleepings Sleeping , is just a rewind of our life. What we saw, what we heard, what we experienced,... What we think... all comes back to us... as a movie. Big Eyes Passenger, a Malayalam movie saw along with the above one. Its about humanity yin yang . After so many this was the another Malayalam movie I liked so much. The people behind this movie had done good job. The movie has a great story line and nice script written. Got some more lessons from these movies... Have plan to see Avatar. But... no time... B-) You Know... Well, this Monday goes like this. Big Boss

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Weekend on this Onam

This weekend was so full of happiness. Work at office on this Saturday was great. Me and my coworker Rakesh got a treat by Anupama ma'am for the best performance in work. She asked us to order what we like to have. I asked for a Pizza Hungry because never had it before. But what to say, I wasn't so lucky... No... No... I got it but it wasn't so real Pizza. It was just a circle shaped bread and on it a layer of dry cheese mixes with onion salad sad . But it was good. I enjoyed it because it was treat sponsored by our Anu ma'am and I'm so thankful to her batting eyelashes . Hope we can work much better in coming days. Have to work hard for this... Gym Watched and enjoyed three movies on this Sunday. Australia on Star Movies, Kung Fu Panda on HBO and Pirates of Silicon Valley on same HBO. Its a the movie about the rise of the home computer (personal computer) through the rivalry between Apple Computer and Microsoft. Seeing for the first time but got to go at father's office so couldn't complete it. Searched on HBO South Asia website for the schedule of this movie and there is no repetition in this month. Well, lucky for next time. daydreaming Still off from the office for two days as its Onam time... So.. Wish you all A Happy Onam... Comments are welcome... You can also follow on this blog below... &... See you next time... Wave

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Grand Onam celebration @ office

Today we all staffs at my office had an Onam celebration party at our office. This was a great day of mine at office. We created the Pookalam and enjoyed so much with some games Dance Vuvuzelaand small programs Applause . We had to reach office by 8 o'clock morning to create pookalam and then to start office work at sharp 9:30. But pookalam creation took extra 2 hours. Then at 11:30 we got back to work Code just for 2 hours. Then we had a grand Sadya Hungry altogether. After that we enjoyed a lot with some small programs, an Onam related quiz, Antakshari and all we together shared our own skills Macho , funny tragedies cowlmao and sang some Onam related songs. Well, I enjoyed all these with my colleagues and laughed a lot today. More has to come about this celebration... for now... Wish you A Happy Onam... Post your comments... And don't forget to follow on this blog... andhhh.... Thanks for reading

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Emoticons on my blog

happysadwinkingbig grinbatting eyelashesbig hugconfusedlove struckblushingtonguekissbroken heartsurpriseangrysmugcoolworriedwhew!devilcryinglaughingstraight faceraised eyebrowrolling on the floorangelnerdtalk to the handcall meon the phoneat wits endwavetime outdaydreamingsleepyrolling eyeslosersickdont tell anyonenot talkingclownsillypartyyawndroolingthinkingdohapplausenailbitinghypnotizedliarwaitingsighphbbbbtcowboyI dont want to seehurry up!thumbs downthumbs upit wasnt mepuppy dog eyesI dont knownot listeningpigcowmonkeychickenrosegood luckflagpumpkincoffeeideaskullbugalienfrustratedprayingmoney eyeswhistlingfeeling beat uppeace signshame on youdancingbring it onhee heechatterboxnot worthyoh go onstarhirobillyaprilyin yangbeeKissAngryAnnoyedWaveB-)CozySickGoodluckGriltonguemmmHungryMusicTearstongueUnsureWaveBanana Lv 1SkyDohBroken HeartCheersGirl KissroflMoneyRockNot TalkingPartySleepingThinkingBring itWorshipApplause8-)GymHeartDevillmaoBanana CoolBanana RockEvil GrinHead SpinHeart BeatNinjaRollingEvil Smirkrock on!EyerollDevil Lv 2TeaserTeaserDance VuvuzelaBig BossMachoBang BangBlue VuvuzelaBlack VuvuzelaRed VuvuzelaGreen VuvuzelaBeer RedBeer OrangeBanana PiratesCryingYahooPanicOK OKPanicHassleScenicLonelyIdiotFunky DanceBig EyesGoalFireworksCodeMorning At last I got all these emoticons on my blog thumbs up. Was trying for many days. The reason why these emoticons were not working is updated editor of So I switched to old editor. says old editor will "going away soon"nailbiting . So then we cannot use these emoticons. Let see ... and may be they will insert emoticons in new updated editor by defaults. That would be much better. Well, all thanks goes to Willy Sudiarto Raharjo. angel