Monday, October 11, 2010

Enthiran (The Robot)

Last day me and my friends Shajil and Mishal went out for Enthiran (The Robot) in Ramu Cine House at Chunnambuthara. This movie theater was closed for around two years since its owner expired. Now its opened few months before for renewal and still it is in progress. The worse thing is that this one does not have A/C yet. So hot in there As we had fan over up our seat it felt better. Here at our town there are four other theater situated near by near. In which three running Enthiran. The movie is superb, I liked it very much. This is the first film in Indian Cinema history which utilized stunning animations and visual effects sequences with eye clear perfection. A different Rajinikant movie ever made by S. Shankar. In his all films Shankar has used advanced visual effects and animations but mostly in songs sequences. Again A. R. Rahman brought a heart touching music waves in Enthiran. Well, personally I did not liked Enthiran's songs so much as in Shankar and A. R. Rahman's Mudhalvan, Boys and Roja. But still they are good as per story lines. Film story is good. However some story sequences are picked from some Hollywood movies. The moral of story is that even if future robots get thinking power, would be they accepted in society as a human being. At conclusion, even the movie does have a Hollywood touch it is a great achievement for Indian Film industry. May be this would inspire more people to bring out much better movies with reality filled scenes. After Enthiran excitement now I was behind Ubuntu 10.10. Today I've downloaded Ubuntu 10.10 iso file. Will check it tomorrow from USB Flash drive booting. Because it would much more faster than booting from CD. Its already 9nd half and time hurry up!to close father's office. After a long time I'm leaving to home at this time as all works have got completed. Or it will take one and half hour more. Tomorrow I'll be in Ubuntu excitement. Till then good night folks... wave

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