Friday, October 08, 2010

A little compliment

Its my hobby to help others in any matter. Whether I can solve it or not. If I can, it would be and extra practice and if I can't it would be a new learning. May be this attitude helped me in many occasions and sometimes it become a kind of headache. But still I would like to help them 'cause it gives me pleasure and I would get something new to learn. At office, my colleagues comes to me for help and I always like to. Even today helped my colleague and my dear Rakhi Sister, Rasmy, to save a Microsoft Publisher (2007 version) file as PDF file. She was trying for hours. I just installed Save As PDF and XPS add-in and the magic is done. It took only less than 2 min. After sometime Rasmy came back with a little announcement that our Corporate Head Mr. Thomas Mathew has impressed with this and decided to give me a little compliment. This was very unexpected. Thanks to all for appreciation, especially to Thomas Sir. So happy that others are happy with me happy . And I would be here to help anyone as long as this life goes on. thumbs up

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