Thursday, October 21, 2010

Now its Google Chrome 7

Last day Firefox just popup with new version and today Google Chrome jumps up to new number, 7. According to some internet articles this upgrade was released yesterday itself.

Well, the new version has something new to show. This release is the huge number of bug fixes — hundreds have been fixed, though hundreds are still has to be fixed and some new HTML5 support. Google Chrome 7 is the first browser in implementing the HTML5 parser in a release version. Another new feature in Chrome 7 is directory upload support. So soon we will be able to upload the entire collection of image at once instead of selecting them one at a time. And support for the HTML5 File API, which allows sites and web apps to read the content of local files.

As the HTML5 is on its way, all giant browsers are competing with each other to bring HTML5 implementation with new features in their browsers. Google Chrome is now 7. Firefox moving towards 4 and Opera to 11.

All we can do is browse the web.

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