Thursday, April 28, 2011

Now I created one on Tumblr too :D :D

(Cross-published from My Tumblr Blog)
Blogging is my passion. That's why even mostly I cannot update my blog on I created a new blog on There is one more reason that i created this new blog, is I liked Tumblr so much because it is very easy to use, its has lots of nice themes and mostly it is very is to setup sidebar widgets as you can see on my Tumblr blog right now.

I also have blogs on My Opera, MySpace and one more on Blogger to share my technical knowledge. But all these still standing without any post from the beginning.

But now as if you are reading this post, I will cross-publish this post on all of them except on that technical one.

As far Tumblr feels great and I'm started to loving it as much as Blogger.

Never tried WordPress yet. May be I won't now. :D :D

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