Monday, May 21, 2012

Oh.. Windows, I am tired of you

Everything is okay with my laptop because I mostly boot to Ubuntu and very often to Windows 7. Therefore I do not have to worry about viruses and other threats. Still I have installed ClamAV, just in case if I ever got to use it. I have never seen any virus or malware in a computer system which I have been under my control. At least for last 4-5 years. Because I have learned to use them with so much attention for safety and security.

But I think this fight for safety has not ended yet. I have no idea how my father's computer at his office has got infected with a malware threat named as One Half 3666. Every single file, even many system file has infected with it and Avast Free Edition is putting them all into the virus chest.

Spreadsheets, documents, executables, every type of files are infected. I decided to format the drives and reinstall Windows XP. I have restored all necessary official files from Avast's virus chest and backed up into my laptop and of course using Ubuntu.

And now reinstalling the XP. Unfortunately, dvd drive in the system is not working. So first I had to find a software to create a Windows XP bootable USB drive. What similarly we usually do with GNU/Linux distros. I got a nice tool named WinToFlash. Thanks to DuckDuckGo. Using this I installed XP in my 2GB usb flash drive. Initially it took more time than usual disk way installation.

Now installing is getting finished so let me get onto it. Come back later to hear more. ;)