Monday, October 26, 2015

A struggle of a programmer for a blog post

Here I am. Again. Sitting on my bed, laptop on my lap, staring at's blog post composing page and thinking... what to write.

Well, whenever I think of writing a blog post, the first question always comes in is not 'what'. It is 'why'. 'Why to write a blog when no one else, than to whom you are going to share the URL, is not going to read it? Most of them are not even going to click on it?'

The answer for this simple single combination of two simple questions is very simple. Writing is fun. It doesn't matter about the numbers of people who are going to read it or the numbers of likes it's going to get or how many are going to share it. What only matters is the experience while you stare at the desktop with your eyes and the electrons of thoughts running in your neurons gets manipulated into words & sentences and at last through the fingers you see them on desktop. It is fun. This manipulation of thoughts into words & sentences and when you see them... it is fun. The fun which gets encoded into those words.

Well of course for this manipulative experience, it needs some resource of thoughts. Thoughts which you really can make into something meaningful to read. Because every reader tries to decode that same fun to enjoy it. So you cannot just type here & there on keyboard. Put anything randomly with some random strokes of keys. So now comes the real question of 'what'. About what to write, so at least yourself will like to come back later on to your own stuff when you suddenly get bored of everything else.

Very tough question for the people like me to answer. I always feel lack of inspiration to write anything regularly. Because a software developer use most of his or her energy in a single day to manipulate many ideas, which seems very simple to non-programmer people, into very complex combinations of thoughts and put them in a very similar format of blog posts in very unique languages, most of which only compilers, interpreters and developers themselves would be reading. So writing a blog post in a regular basis...!? Forget it.

Still I make up something to write about when I would not be thinking about programming. (Yes, we do of not thinking about programming sometime!! We also have life yaar.) I even note them down in my Google Keep notes. Later on, if I remembers what I was thinking, I try to put it into a post. It may ends up about something else. But it's okay as long as I write about something solid to post.

(Basically, all software engineers and developers are programmers. Some of them call themselves also as coders. Keep this one thing in mind.)