Friday, November 05, 2010

Five New Themes in Gmail

Just checked Official Gmail Blog and find the post they have posted last day (on 4th Nov 2010) saying about five new themes in Gmail. The post amazingly written as two friends Manu and Jake sharing about the new themes.

I checked their blog just after signing out my Gmail account. But signed in again to check those themes.

Which one have you chosen?

  • Basic White
  • Basic Black
  • Marker
  • Tree Tops
  • Android

are the new themes. Except Marker I liked all other themes. New Blue, Pebbles, Planets are my favorites from old themes and Turf is also good one. Never like others themes. Sometimes just switch to normal themes like Bold Blue and Classic for simplicity. 

While computing I mostly prefer Black in softwares. Similarly, here Basic Black would be good choice. Basic White also better for pure simplicity. Like Turf Tree Tops is also greenish for green thinkers. And Android theme is a good idea by Google to promote Android among people. This would liked by most of the Android fans.

Well, lets roll with Android for now even there is no chance to buy Android Phone. Its a good one.

Which one have you chosen?

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Is it a gain or pain?

Today our colleague and dearest friend Rakesh is resigning from his job. He got a new one at Chennai and will be moving there after this Diwali. God bless him for his new career.

Today there was a little farewell at lunch time. All of us are little in sad mood because he is a good friend rather than a coworker. We worked together around six months and those days were so delightful. As a content writer he is so talented. I'm so lucky that I him as my friend and coworker.

I wish him good luck for his talented career.