Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Inspiration

I was alone at home on this Sunday and all I just did is watching TV even from the midnight. At midnight "The Fountain" was playing on Movies Now. I start to see it from the half but I like the story. Still many things is remaining to understand. I use to analyse and understand every situation and quotes (dialogs) from movies very deeply. They may inspire me, motivate me to take some important decisions which may leads my life.

For example, "with great power comes great responsibility", a popular quote from Spiderman movie is now seems like totally wrong. Today I heard a new one,

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Sudden Death

I was pain when I heard it. Never thought I would hear this soon. He was fine. Nothing was wrong with him. He was in good condition until this morning. He gone to temple since it is 1st of day Karkkadagam (Malayalam month). Came to home and lay down for a while as he felt some tiredness. And it happened. Siva ettan is no more. It was a sudden heart attack.

It was shock to everyone in our area. He was running a local shop. He was good man to everyone else. For past 10 years I know him. He was very kind to me too.

Well, I pray for him and god bless his family.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Ubuntu is not in boot menu list.

I've Ubuntu 11.04 and Windows 7 in my laptop. Just few hours before installed Fedora 15 by shrinking the partition where Ubuntu is installed. I had some bad feelings that something is going to happen. Though I decided to continue.

And something gone wrong with that installation. Installation was running from CD. I think some installation file did not got read correctly and so I stopped the installation. And again started installation from USB boot. Fedora started perfectly after installation. But in boot menu list it is not showing Ubuntu. When I checked from Ubuntu Live CD, found that Ubuntu partition is changed as something like "Linux LVM". It not ext4 anymore. I could not find any other option except to format it in other filesystems.

Most of my personal files, music, video files and software packages are in Ubuntu. And I don't want to format it.

So is there any way to change Ubuntu partition's filesystem back to ext4 or at least to open it so I can copy all of my files to another location and reinstall both Fedora and Ubuntu for a fresh start?

One more thing I want to know that is there any way to store my personal files at one and open in both Fedora and Ubuntu (or any other GNU/Linux distro, that I may install in future)?


[ Update: This issue is closed. From the other source I came to know that Fedora would overwrite the grub which was older version that the Ubuntu had at the time. So Fedora's grub did not detected the Ubuntu. ]