Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Inspiration

I was alone at home on this Sunday and all I just did is watching TV even from the midnight. At midnight "The Fountain" was playing on Movies Now. I start to see it from the half but I like the story. Still many things is remaining to understand. I use to analyse and understand every situation and quotes (dialogs) from movies very deeply. They may inspire me, motivate me to take some important decisions which may leads my life.

For example, "with great power comes great responsibility", a popular quote from Spiderman movie is now seems like totally wrong. Today I heard a new one,
"With no great power may comes no great responsibility. But when great responsibility comes, we shouldn't care about the powers." 
This line is from the movie "Kick-Ass" I saw today on HBO.

Now following is an extraction from an article, "Mindfield" I recently did read in The Week magazine. It is on 26th page of the issue for July 11-17 and featured in cover page.

"Ideas and innovations do not emerge for their own sake, nor are they a matter of luck. Every successful idea in human history has had its roots in mankind's need. Whether the wheel, the steam engine, hotmail, google or facebook, it began with a need and sprouted with observation, imagination, technology and passionate hard work. One has to get hands dirty if one wants to make an idea work in the real world."

The level of inspiration in me from this 4th paragraph cannot be measured.

All these affected to my thinking power at very high level and may help to improve my thoughts for the good sake of all.

And for more inspired thoughts...

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