Friday, July 15, 2011

Ubuntu is not in boot menu list.

I've Ubuntu 11.04 and Windows 7 in my laptop. Just few hours before installed Fedora 15 by shrinking the partition where Ubuntu is installed. I had some bad feelings that something is going to happen. Though I decided to continue.

And something gone wrong with that installation. Installation was running from CD. I think some installation file did not got read correctly and so I stopped the installation. And again started installation from USB boot. Fedora started perfectly after installation. But in boot menu list it is not showing Ubuntu. When I checked from Ubuntu Live CD, found that Ubuntu partition is changed as something like "Linux LVM". It not ext4 anymore. I could not find any other option except to format it in other filesystems.

Most of my personal files, music, video files and software packages are in Ubuntu. And I don't want to format it.

So is there any way to change Ubuntu partition's filesystem back to ext4 or at least to open it so I can copy all of my files to another location and reinstall both Fedora and Ubuntu for a fresh start?

One more thing I want to know that is there any way to store my personal files at one and open in both Fedora and Ubuntu (or any other GNU/Linux distro, that I may install in future)?


[ Update: This issue is closed. From the other source I came to know that Fedora would overwrite the grub which was older version that the Ubuntu had at the time. So Fedora's grub did not detected the Ubuntu. ]

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