Sunday, November 20, 2011

Engeyum Eppothum and 7aum Arivu

Last week I watched two Tamil films which changed the way of my thoughts a little bit. Engeyum Eppodhum and 7aum Arivu. Stories from both films give something to learn that all of us should understand and apply in our life.

Engeyum Eppothum is telling story about people who are travelling in two buses and those buses get into an accident because of high speed on highway route between Chennai and Trichy. It tells about the safe driving and shows how people loose their loved ones just because of a small mistakes that we make. It doesn't affect only the people who were the passengers but also to their family, relatives and loved ones. This is the second movie I've seen on Safe Driving after the Malayalam movie Traffic.

Engeyum Eppodhum is must watch romantic drama movie with great hard work for each scene. And the visual effects they have used for the collision between two buses is fabulous.  I personally rate this film 4.5 out of 5. And, I liked the character Manimegalai so much because I would like that kind of girl to be my life partner. ;)

7aum Arivu is the another movie I liked, just because it is acknowledging about one of our great ancestors Bodhidharma and how our ancestors affect today's generation via DNA transformation. Overall about the movie I would say, I'm not satisfied as expected. This movie could be better. Though they have done a great job with the available resources and it is a kind of proud to the Indian and Tamil film industry that we have got another a good science fiction and thrilling  movie.

What I have learned from the 7aum Arivu is we already have powers and solutions to solve every problem we are facing today in our daily life. But we are unaware about it and trying to find solutions somewhere else. While some wants to reveal them all, we still not want to believe them because of some fear. While we are ready to believe in all modern technologies and scientific researches just for the current satisfactions and the money. Unknowingly we are all throwing away (almost thrown away) what our ancestors already known about the true science.

The movie also acknowledging the true fact about the martial arts and scientific treatments that it's true origin is in our own India. Bodhidharma is the one who spread it out around the world. But we Indians are not aware of this. :(

Well, overall I would personally rate this film as 2.5/5 but it is going in my must watch movies' list.


  1. Great review penned, done full justice to the films

  2. Thank you Pramod for your positive comment. I'm glad you liked this post. :)