Saturday, November 05, 2011

Petrol Price Hike knocked the door of the Strike

After a short interval petrol price again got another small promotion in India. And Malayalees got a small vehicle strike. All private transport service was off. So there was no regular private bus, auto-rickshaw on road. It is not being so long since strikes became like a rites in Kerala for every small issue. So it was not big deal for us. Since many staffs in our company to office in bus it was a off day for us.

I'm not a big economist or predictor but as others do I think is this really bad. (Not the strike ok, I'm talking about the price hike.) It is really getting worse day by day.

Instead of supporting the price hike why Govt. is not focusing on alternative fuel vehicles or alternative fuels which can be used instead of petrol or diesel. Not only the Govt. should be blamed, people like us also have to realise their actual needs spend on it as much as less fuel.

Well, by this strike I got the chance to complete the downloading of Pinguy OS. And now I'm going to replace Ubuntu with that.

As it is special days for our Muslim brothers and sisters, I wish everyone a very happy Eid Mubarak and more grand wishes. :) :)

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