Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A mail from USA

Two days before I got a mail which was addressed from USA. I was shocked actually since there is no chance that someone would mail me from USA. Then I realised that its from DuckDuckGo.com team. They have sent some stickers of their logo which I applied for 1-2 months before (that time it was free). I'm so happy for these stickers and stick a small one inside my Lenovo G570 along with GNU.org's logo.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Have been busy...

For the last couple of weeks I'm doing some research in Android App Development. Android and Java are getting more interesting. Did compile some sample apps successfully. The target is to send data from an Android to PC using wifi. And I'm getting closer to it day by day.

In other angle, life is getting more busy. Even I started to forgetting the password of my email id!! :D :D

E-dirts is getting more traffic. Recently the site got a new theme. Iftivai is working hard to make the site more simple and attractive. We are also getting positive responds from the readers for the new theme. And we are happy about it. :)

We are trying to put more on site but it is not enough. So still we are looking for some bloggers/authors who would like to write on our site with great passion for writing. If you are interested, please contact Iftivai (Iftekhar Buiyan).

I've just downloaded Zorin OS. It has the same appearance as of Microsoft Windows and it is based on Ubuntu. Going to try it now.