Monday, October 07, 2013

A Better Idea

For me curiosity is like thirst. If I do not get a glass of knowledge on time it makes me feel like in hell. And as you know, what is the best source for this water. Yes, the Internet. For me Internet is not  just an entertainment tool. It makes me aware of this world and also the world out this world. It makes me feel like I am not alone. For me, an Internet a day makes a whole life.

But it was always very difficult to me to find a constant Internet connection.
At first when I got my laptop I used to sit in my father's office to use Internet. Then I bought an MTS USB dongle which has good speed. But it ate most my important money. So I cancelled it.

Now I have 2 BSNL SIMs, one of which is my regular number and other one kept aside as for Internet connection only. Until this time did not use that second SIM and currently using Internet from my regular SIM which is in my Samsung Galaxy Y Duos that also holds an Idea SIM. It is very easy to connect it with my laptop as a WiFi hotspot.

But still it is not a final solution since during my phone calls in Idea SIM, I do not get Internet in my laptop. So have to wait myself to end the call. And also I do not get any SMS in Idea.

So I was thinking to buy a new USB dongle which supports multiple network operator and also being supported by GNU/Linux OSs. In which I can put my second BSNL SIM and use Internet from. There are some options on Flipkart which costs around 1500 bucks and was really planning to buy one. Then I thought, what I if spend that 1500-2000 bucks on a less featured dual SIM mobile phone for regular phone calls and SMS. And put the second SIM in the Android phone for Internet only. It is a better idea than buying a new dongle. I can use Internet from the phone too, make it as a WiFi hotspot, since all my calls and SMS would be in a new phone there would be no disturbance for that too.

So I have decided to get a new phone and make the Galaxy Y Duos as an Internet only phone and WiFi hotspot for my laptop.


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