Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Creating my own blogging system

Hello friends. I want to share about my new website and my own blogging system. Firstly I wanted to host my website on domain where you are reading this blog post right now. Then changed my mind and bought another domain for the website. Right now there is only one static page.

Designing for the website is almost finished. Now I have work on content part of it. Along with the website I am also working on my own blogging system using PHP. As you know a blogging system need a good rich text editor, first I thought to use some existing text editor. In second thought decided to create my own from the scratch.

So here I have finished with some design and few functions of the RTE using HTML and Javascript.

iKrz Weblog Writer v0.1 screenshot
iKrz Weblog Writer v0.1

I am calling it iKrz Weblog Writer and this one considered to be version 0.1. I will be adding few more functions and current view of controls may change in upcoming versions. Not adding options to change fonts, text color, etc. since those are not relevant for me.

iKWW is not completed yet. Along with it I have to start coding for post saving, previewing and publishing in PHP. Still confused on file structure for the blogging system to organize posts' HTML files and other related files, so it can be shared on social sites easily with single links and search engines also could pick them up.

After finishing my blogging system I will stop using Blogger. So excited for that moment. Right now lots of planning and coding is there to be done. Hope I will get enough time for all that.



  1. best of luck for your attempt.

  2. Completely agree. I too want to get rid of Facebook, but can't, because of important notices being posted there. Apart from simplification, one more reason to ditch it is privacy. May be I'll get the same feeling of relief as I had when I dumped Windows...

  3. Well, I had many friends on FB most of which are friends in real life. But still was not in touch with them much. So for me leaving FB was not a big deal. And you know what, I feel very good after leaving it. Life is now more uncomplicated.