Friday, February 07, 2014

Blogging is fun. So Mumbai and Valsad.

Blogging is fun. I love blogging no matter how many people read them. But to me it would be more fun if I am blogging from a blogging system which would have been created by myself. Many of you are using WordPress, Blogger, Typad, Tumblr and other blogging platforms. But I like to create my own.

I am using Blogger since 2010. It is a good blogging platform service.  It is much more better after Draft version came out. I have also used Tumblr which is an excellent tool for blogging. It has a charming design and with a lot features. Eventually I had thoughts to moving on WordPress and almost created a blog on it. After a lot of observations and thoughts, as conclusion decided to create a blogging system myself and deleted both Tumblr and WordPress blogs. Because I wanted to learn PHP and other web technologies. And so I can implement my own features and functions on the system.

So I had started with HTML and CSS for initial web design and then with Javascript created a Rich Text editor and now I am working on blog post related features using PHP.

iKrz Weblog Writer v0.2
Still more is there to be done like generate RSS feed and update it regularly, list saved posts, a commenting system and more.

For now I am preparing for Mumbai. Me and my colleague are going to work on a new project coordinating with other Android development team members at our company's Mumbai head office. Along with that I can visit to my family at Valsad.

I am so excited to have great time both at Mumbai and Valsad.

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