Sunday, March 09, 2014

The peace inside and the happiness outside

Life at Mumbai has some impact on me. It feels like I am socially disconnected from the others and I have lost myself again. I must have to retain myself to realize that life is not always about compromising. You have to speak up for yourself for your wants and un-wants. It is your attitude what makes you yourself. For the past few months I am having very negative attitude towards myself. Turning down all happiness around to make my career stable.

But now I realize that what is the point of having a stable career if I could not enjoy the happiness that are lying around me. Realization happens only now because until this time I was not bothering about what others are really seeing in me. I realize that people do not want to see you from inside. They just browse you from outside and would judge you on what you are showing outside. And that realization makes me understand that, I am good at inside, but still have to figure the best attitude for the outside world that lying around me.

Again, the point is that, I am at peace inside. Now I have to be happy at out world to keep that peace inside as in stable.

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