Monday, April 14, 2014

I have a new spectacles

It is being two months in Mumbai. This is the second time I am here for the same job. Just like first time I am staying at our company's guest house which is at 7 Bunglow, Andheri West which is a very good place to live.

Before coming to Mumbai I was thinking to save some money from my salary this time. At least about 5000. But unfortunately I got to spent those money on few unexpected expenses. My phone had to repair and it got a whole new hardware which is even not getting perfect signals after repairing it. Laptop screen started to look like a white board and had to change the whole screen as soon as possible as I cannot live without my laptop. And at last, I lost the left side lens of my spectacles in the water while I was having fun with my office friends at a resort on last Sunday.

I was thinking to get new lenses in the same frame which I was using. But since that one is already too old and is no longer fitting on the face properly, had to buy a new spectacles. This time I have chosen Photochromic lenses which cost me 2200. It feels good when I am wearing my new spectacles. After walking through sunlight for some time I take off them to see how much black they have turned into and put them on again thinking I am wearing a sunglasses. That makes me really cool. 8-)

Well, now I am waiting for the next salary. I know it is not going to get very soon, but still I do not have to pay anyone to wish for it, isn't it. :D

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