Friday, August 21, 2015

Being Alive

I frequently forget what is going on in my head. I know there are so many things but in reality sometime do not remember exactly what were there earlier. There would be very different things but would have no idea how to deal with them though I had planned for them sometime in the past. Well, this also helps me to rethink about stuffs that really matters and affects my life. And… I like to rethink.

There are certain occasions when I advise others for some motivations. But most of the time I feel about myself with lack of motivation. May be, I advise others to motivate myself too. But again, should I really do that…. I guess, I should. At least some motivation is coming out.

Well, days are full of annoys. Yes they are. Tomorrow does not work out just like what you would have imagined last night before going to sleep. Or while brushing teeth in the morning. But have you realized the fact that if you take stuffs as annoys you are doing good. Else... something is fishy there. Go through your daily life. I remember now. I used to do that. It helped me to plan my days. And also kept me prepared for unexpected.

May be it's time to start that again….