Saturday, April 16, 2016

3 more great tech minds to follow on Twitter

Recently, the tech lead at our had shared an article for us to read. It is on how not to doom your app by very bad programming style, written by Shem Magnezi. I personally enjoyed it very much.

In the article he has shared some other articles, tweets and such. And one particular tweet by Zach Holman has caught my attention. It is very funny, about some interviewers asking irrelevant questions while interviewing.

Then there is one with a video and funny tweet. From another tweet I got redirected to Zach's website which has blown up my mind. It is so fucking simple. With cool photos, a nice eye catchy font & text size, a list of all posts and talks, an about me and a work related section. Awesome!!

I even liked the way he has "created" each post so attractive differently. Yes, not only written, created! And each post is so long that makes wonder, does this guy even take some rest. Because this a kind of work that need some serious time to think for creativity, context and content as well. Well, who knows? He might be getting some help. But still, awesome job with the website.

I wish.... I could too....

And yeah... I know Chet Haase from Android DevBytes videos on YouTube. He is funny.