Saturday, April 30, 2011

Friday, April 29, 2011

2048 Characters

I've a very low featured QWERTY mobile phone. It poorly support many
features. For e.g. heavy Java applications like Opera Mini 6 does not
work that much faster as in other mobile phones. Though it decently
run Java applications which use lower memory, like same Opera Mini's
4th version.

Opera Mini is preinstalled in the phone but it is 4.2 version. And its
totall capicity of characters while composing a mail in Gmail is 600.
So, as I had done settings to publish a post via email I could publish
a post with upto 600 characters only. And that was too small. :(

Recently, I did upgrade the application to 4.3 version and now when I
checked the character capacity while composing mail I got shocked. Now
it support total 2048 characters intead of 600. That means now I can
publish a bigger post than before from my phone. xD :D

Thanks to all developers of Opera Mini and Opera to provide such a
wonderful product. Because I was thinking to buy a new phone of Nokia
X2 QWERTY (don't remember the exact model number).

Well, now for the time being I changed my mind and decided to stick
with this Maxx MX868. Not only because it increased the character
capicity but it works faster too than previous version. Its new black
theme also feel cool.

I would love if Mozilla create a Firefox based on Java for Java Phones. :q

[This post has taken 1378 characters yet.]

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Metric, "Twilight Galaxy"

Did they tell you you should grow up? When you wanted to dream

Metric, “Twilight Galaxy” (by spin)

Now I created one on Tumblr too :D :D

(Cross-published from My Tumblr Blog)
Blogging is my passion. That's why even mostly I cannot update my blog on I created a new blog on There is one more reason that i created this new blog, is I liked Tumblr so much because it is very easy to use, its has lots of nice themes and mostly it is very is to setup sidebar widgets as you can see on my Tumblr blog right now.

I also have blogs on My Opera, MySpace and one more on Blogger to share my technical knowledge. But all these still standing without any post from the beginning.

But now as if you are reading this post, I will cross-publish this post on all of them except on that technical one.

As far Tumblr feels great and I'm started to loving it as much as Blogger.

Never tried WordPress yet. May be I won't now. :D :D

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I was missing my blog :=(

Its around 2 months I published post on my blog. I feel so pity on myself because I had decided to update it regularly. For this even I set an setting to publish post via email which I can send from my mobile phone (well it support only around 600 characters in my phone, though its enough to publish small posts).

Still all this time I could not obey my own decision. And that means I cannot obey myself. :(

Now this has to be changed. So again I'm deciding to update the blog as regular as I can.

Hope I can do this now onwards.... :)