Tuesday, June 24, 2014

No more Windows in my Lenovo G570

1 year before I waved good bye to Windows. Until this day I am still happy with that decision. The only thing was left of Windows in my laptop was its logo on Super/Meta key.

If you are not familiar with GNU/Linux, first you may wonder, at least for a little while, 'what is Super or Meta key'. Then if you think, you will understand that there is only one key on keyboards which has a Windows logo on it. Yes dear friends, we call it Super or Meta key in wonderland of GNU/Linux. No idea about other platforms.

Well, what I am saying is, that was the only Windows thing remaining in my laptop for the last 1 year. Only few days before I thought to remove that logo when found about ZaReason's keyboard with Tux logo. I had a thought once about this. But at that time it did not bothered me as it did this time. So, I decided to remove that logo. Cannot exactly remove it, so drew on the logo with a permanent marker pen.

Now, there is no single sign of Windows in my laptop anymore. Linux Mint was ruling for the last 1 year. Now Arch Linux has settled down with its kingdom. And I think finally I have found the true king for my Personal Country.

Also have bookmarked some stickers found online to buy later:
Tux Super Key Keyboard Sticker
Gnu/Linux badge sticker
Arch Linux OS badge sticker

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